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Image Gallery

Saint Agnes Hospital maintains an extensive library of photographs for media use. The photos below are a small sampling from our library. When using these photos, please attribute rights to Saint Agnes Hospital unless otherwise noted. All photographs should be used as provided (changes to size are acceptable as long as pixilation does not occur). If you are looking for a specific type of photograph that doesn’t appear below, please contact our PR firm, Vitamin, at 410-732-6542 or

  • Gibbons Commons Images

    Images and renderings pertaining to the Gibbons Commons property

  • SAMG Catonsville Renderings

    Detailed set of renderings of the new Saint Agnes Medical Group Catonsville

  • SAMG Catonsville Logo

    Saint Agnes Medical Group Catonsville artwork in JPEG format

  • Patrick Mutch

    Headshot of Patrick Mutch, Interim President and CEO

  • William Greskovich

    Headshot of William Greskovich, VP of Operations and Capital Projects

  • Ken Williams, MD

    Headshot of Ken Williams, M.D., Executive Committee Member, SAMG

  • Bonnie Phipps

    Headshot of Bonnie Phipps. Group Operating Executive, Ascension Health

  • The William H. Keeler Chapel

    Wonderful photo of the Cardinal William H. Keeler Chapel.

  • Saint Agnes Hospital Chapel

    Detailed photo of the stained glass art inside the Saint Agnes Chapel.

  • Illuminated Cross

    High-res photo of the cross on the patient tower at Saint Agnes.

  • Patient Tower

    Exterior shot of the patient tower at Saint Agnes at sunset.

  • Tower Lobby

    Two photos of the lobby of the new patient tower (south view & north view).

  • Operating Room

    Photo of an example of Saint Agnes' wonderful operating rooms.

  • Patient Room

    Photo of an example of Saint Agnes' wonderful patient rooms.

  • Vascular Lab

    Photo of Saint Agnes' state-of-the-art vascular lab.

  • Saint Agnes Logo

    Saint Agnes Hospital logo artwork in JPG and EPS formats.

  • Seton Imaging Center Logo

    Seton Imaging Center logo artwork in JPG format.