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Childbirth Education

Preparing for Parenthood with Saint Agnes

The Bunting Health Institute for Women and Children at Saint Agnes Hospital is proud to provide a comprehensive Childbirth Education Program. These classes are designed to provide information for all family members and are conveniently held on the hospital campus.

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Childbirth Education classes at Saint Agnes offer various scheduling options to accommodate busy families. Patients will find the childbirth classes offered at Saint Agnes stand out from those offered elsewhere due to the highly qualified and helpful instructors and the quality of information offered. 

For dates, times, cost and to register call 1-866-690-WELL (9355). 

Class Options:
  • 4- Week Weekday Childbirth Education with Tour ($90) 2-hour course held one weekday per week for 4 weeks

  • 2-Week Childbirth Education with Tour ($90) 2-hour course held two days per week for 2 weeks

  • Half-Day Childbirth Education Package with Tour ($90) 4-hour course held either Saturday OR Sunday for 2 weeks

  • Weekend Childbirth Education Package with Tour ($140) Includes Infant Care and CPR

  • 1-Day Intensive Childbirth Class with Tour ($90)

  • Refresher Childbirth Class with Tour ($25) For those who have attended a childbirth class in the past

  • Cesarean Birth Class with Tour ($20) For those told a cesarean birth may be needed

  • Bed Rest Childbirth Kit ($50) Receive a $25 refund when the kit is returned

Class Offerings

There is a cost associated with each additional class offering. For pricing, class schedules, or to register for any of Saint Agnes’ childbirth classes, call 1-866-690-WELL (9355).

Breastfeeding Class 3-hour class, offered monthly
Are you planning to breast-feed your baby? If so, this class will help prepare you for the experience. A board-certified consultant will cover a variety of topics including positioning, correct latch-on techniques, pumping, remodies for common challenges and available resources.  

Tours* call for tour schedule 
Join us for one of our regularly scheduled tours of Saint Agnes’ birthing center. Tours are offered in both English and Spanish. 

Infant Care* 4-hour class
This class provides parents with the necessary resources to recognize and respond appropriately to the needs of their infant. There will be demonstrations to teach parents techniques for bathing, diapering and feeding babies. Safety issues, newborn testing and immunizations are also discussed. 
*There is no fee for this class if you are taking it as part of the Weekend Childbirth Education Package. 

Family and Friends CPR* ** 2½ hour class
This class follows the American Heart Association guidelines for a “Friends and Family” program. It teaches parents and family members skills in one-rescuer CPR for infants, children and adults. Topics include the indentification and management of choking, how to prevent the most common accidents, and more. There will be an AED demonstration and a Friends and Family booklet will be provided.
*A CPR certification card will not be issued at the completion of this class.
**There is no fee for this class if you are taking it as part of the Weekend Childbirth Education Package.  

Healthy Eating 1-hour consultation, by appointment
Expectant or breast-feeding mothers meet with a nutritionist to discuss diet recommendations that will keep both mom and baby healthy. Call 410-368-2153 to make an appointment.


Additional Classes

Natural Family Planning 3-class series
These classes use the Sympto-Thermal Method to teach strategies in avoiding and achieving pregnancy without medications, hormones or devices. This class is ideal for couples who wish to take charge of their own fertility and family planning decisions.

Mother/Daughter: Growing Up Is Great 3-hour class, offered spring and fall 
During this class girls ages 9 to 11, along with their mothers, will explore changes in puberty, the female reproductive system, menstrual protection products, personal hygeine and the charting of menstrual cycles.

Happiest Baby on the Block
Private Consultation
New babies are such a blessing, but they can also bring with them sleepless nights, crying, and sometimes quite a bit of extra stress.
Learn an extraordinary approach to keeping your baby happy.  In our Happiest Baby Consultation, new parents will learn step-by-step how to help their baby sleep better and how to soothe even the fussiest baby in minutes. Our class is based on the highly effective approach to babies pioneered by Dr. Harvey Karp in his best-selling book and DVD “The Happiest Baby on the Block.”
A Certified Happiest Baby Educator will come to your home and teach you steps to soothe and calm your baby.These consultations are recommended for soon after the birth of your baby, although some people choose to participate right before their baby is born. The cost of this unique class is only $65 which includes a Parent Kit (containing the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD and Soothing Sounds CD).
To set up your private consultation, contact Cathy Goldsborough, 410-795-3216, or

Sibling Preparation* 2-hour class
Children ages 3 to 8 take a tour the nursery and and learn about home safety for their soon-to-arrive siblings. A video presentation is provided and the children participate in fun activities they are 
sure to enjoy. At the end of the class, children will receive a certificate and will get to take home the craft they created. 
*Parents must attend this class with their child. 

Childbirth for Grandparents 2-hour class
Becoming a grandparent is a major transition in life. This class explores a variety of topics for soon-to-be grandparents, including defining your role, healthy boundaries, preparing your home, safety issues, medical updates on maternity and infant care, and much more. 

Prenatal Massage* 1 hour massage
Pamper yourself! Enjoy a massage from a certified massage therapist to help you relax and prepare for your child’s birth.
*Physician permission is required.

Postnatal Massage* 1 hour massage
Treat yourself to a one-hour massage designed just for new moms. Our certified nurse massage therapist will help you relax right in your post-pardum room while working on the muscles stressed by pregnancy, labor and delivery.
*Physician permission is required.

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