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We Are Your Link to Breast Health

One in every eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. But, the steps you take today can reduce the chance that you will develop the disease in the future. Making your breast health a priority could save your life.

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Making your breast health a priority could save your life

Our goal is to have women over 40 be educated and screened regularly.  The Saint Agnes Hospital Breast Link Program assures that women in our community have access to the tools and resources needed to make breast health a priority. Our goal is to break down the barriers and make it possible – even easy - for women over the age of 40, who reside in the 21229, 21230 and 21223 zip codes of Baltimore City, regardless of their health insurance status, to be educated and screened. The Breast Link Program will make it easy to schedule your annual mammogram. The call you make today may save your life!

Making a positive impact

The Breast Link Program strives to raise awareness about the importance of breast health and make it easy for women to obtain breast exams and mammograms. Our goal is to provide breast health information to more than 5,000 women in our community, with 300 no-cost mammograms offered to those who opt to fully participate in the program.

Making it easy

Through Saint Agnes Hospital’s Breast Link Program, a Breast Connector will help you to make your appointment.  A physician will provide a clinical breast exam, a mammogram and the results, all in the course of a single day at no cost to you. We can even provide complimentary transportation for you, from your home to our front door, and back to your home.

Providing Support

A “Breast Link Buddy” will greet you upon your arrival and answer any questions you may have. Your Breast Link Buddy will stay with you for your entire visit with us. She will manage your schedule for the day, introduce you to members of our team, and even treat you to lunch!

Helping you navigate our system

The Saint Agnes Hospital Breast Link Program gives you a “home base” for your current and future health needs. We are the place to turn to when you need answers to your questions. If your clinical breast exam and mammogram results are normal, you will receive a letter recommending you continue to schedule a mammogram every year. If we find something to be concerned about during your initial visit, we will help you coordinate a follow-up appointment in the Saint Agnes Hospital Breast Center.

How to Pick the Right Breast Center

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Become an Ambassador

Breast Link is about a community commited to breast health for all women.  You cn help by becoming an Ambassador for the Saint Agnes Breast Link.

As a Breast Health Ambassador you will receive:

  • Training & Lunch at no cost and at your convenience
  • A “Breast Link” glam t-shirt
  • 25 Breast Link bags with breast health material and giveaways
  • A special gift basket after ten of your customers receive their mammograms

Susan G. Komen and Saint Agnes
a commitment to our Community

The Breast Link is recognized as a partnership between Saint Agnes Hospital and the Maryland Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, created to expand breast health awareness and increase the number of breast screenings within three targeted communities in Baltimore City. The program provides a “home base” for women aged 40 and over to receive seamless and convenient breast and medical care.

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For more information about becoming a Breast Link Ambassador call us!

Tori Lewitt 

Breast Link Representative
Saint Agnes Hospital

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