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Leaders in the Detection and Treatment

Combining clinical expertise with the latest tech¬nology allows Saint Agnes to be one of the area’s leaders in the fight against lung diseases including emphysema, COPD and Lung Cancer. In addition to our advanced scanning techniques the team at the Lung Center utilizes the very latest in biopsy technology to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

GPS for Your Lungs

Saint Agnes Hospital is one of the few in the area to utilize the SuperDimension® i•Logic System, a form of Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy. This minimally invasive technology acts like a GPS system for your lungs. It enables a Physician to take a biopsy of nodules located in hard to reach areas that previously required a more invasive procedure. This system also enables physicians to diagnose the smallest lymph nodes and nodules that previously were undiagnosed until they were larger and more visible or symptomatic.

Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)

EBUS, using ultrasound technology, presents direct visualization of endobronchial lesions and lymph nodes, allowing our Physicians to know precisely where to take the biopsy. This reduces complications and improves diagnostic ability. The samples obtained are immediately analyzed and accurate results are available to the Physicians in a very short time.

Pushing the Edge of Treatment

The Physicians at Saint Agnes take a multidisci¬plinary approach to the treatment of lung cancer. Our team of primary care physicians, nurses, pul¬monologists, radiologists, oncologists and thoracic surgeons create an individual plan to provide the best care for each patient. Lung diseases are often treated through thoracic surgery. Lung cancer is often treated through thoracic surgery as well and can be coupled with chemotherapy, radiation or both. The Thoracic Surgeons at Saint Agnes are committed to removing the tumor while maintaining as much of the lung tissue and function as possible. Our Thoracic Surgeons work very closely with our Pulmonary Physicians to develop the most effective surgery plan.

Contact the Lung Center

Lung Cancer and Lung Disease can be scary but the Lung Center at Saint Agnes Hospital is here to fight these diseases with you side by side. What our center does better than others is work as a team and our most important team member is you. To schedule an appointment with a Nurse Navigator or to receive more information call 410-368-2232.

Saint Agnes Lung Center

(410) 368-2232

Leading the Field in Complex Surgery

Saint Agnes Hospital remains in the forefront of minimally invasive surgery. The hospital utilizes the da Vinci Surgical System, a state-of-the-art robotic technology that is the most advanced surgical equipment in use today. The da Vinci system provides higher resolution images, better vision for the physician and newer technology with more flexibility and articulation, more turning and bending, and more freedom, enabling for a precise operation. Saint Agnes was one of the first facilities in Maryland to use the da Vinci for robotic lung surgery. Today it performs more minimally invasive surgeries than any other hospital in Maryland. Besides being more precise and efficient, the da Vinci surgery system is better for the patient. Instead of having a large incision of up to eight inches in length the da Vinci uses four small incisions. This reduces pain and allows the patient to begin healing faster.

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