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Physical Therapy

Getting You Back on Your Feet

Physical therapy can enhance movement and function, and help restore your quality of life. For skilled physical therapy in Baltimore, look no further than Saint Agnes Hospital. Our experienced physical therapists are among the best and most caring in Maryland.

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Who benefits from physical therapy?

If you’ve undergone surgery, suffer from a neurological condition, cardiopulmonary disorder, orthopaedic disorder, chronic pain or a wound or skin disorder, physical therapy can make a big difference in your healing process.

What happens during physical therapy?
At Saint Agnes Hospital, your physical therapist will begin by performing an examination. This examination is designed to gather more information about your injury or condition and measure your body’s capabilities. Once your physical therapist understands the extent of your abilities, he or she will work with you to design an individualized therapy plan.

Why the best care matters
The best physical therapy programs combine top professionals, individualized intervention, advanced techniques, one to one treatment and educational programs that teach you about prevention and wellness—all of which you’ll find at Saint Agnes.

Our physical therapy services include:

  • Anodyne Therapy for peripheral Neuropathy due to diabetes, chemotherapy or idiopathic
  • Custom exercise prescription
  • Incontinence retraining for both men and women
  • Joint replacement rehabilitation
  • Lymphedema management 
  • Management of balance problems including fall prevention
  • Management of vestibular problems including dizziness and vertigo
  • Management of Women’s health, including osteoporosis, pelvic pain, maternity supports, prenatal therapy and postnatal recovery management
  • Manual therapy
  • Neurologic Rehabilitation for Individuals with Stroke, Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Head Trauma, Peripheral Neuropathy and others
  • Prenatal and postnatal exercise prescription
  • Spine care, including back and neck pain 
  • TMJ dysfunction
  • Wound care 


American Physical Therapy Association

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