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Women’s Health Rehabilitation

When it comes to rehab, one size doesn’t fit all. Saint Agnes Hospital offers rehab services just for women—designed exclusively for your needs, your bodies and your busy lifestyles.

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Designed with women in mind

The women’s rehab professionals at Saint Agnes Hospital work with you and your doctor to develop an individualized treatment plan. Our physical and occupational therapists are licensed and skilled in biofeedback, manual lymph drainage, osteoporosis management and general therapeutic techniques. A physician’s referral is required.

At Saint Agnes Hospital , you’ll benefit from these areas of expertise:

Pregnancy and Postpartum Rehab
Musculoskeletal pain and weakness can occur during or after pregnancy. Our team can help you recover from neck and back pain, muscle spasms and C-sections, as well as conditions like sciatica, pubis symphysis dysfunction and diastasis recti. Physical therapists specializing in obstetrics can help you enjoy a safer, more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. Prior to delivery, we are able to consult with you and your partner about pain management and relaxation techniques, as well as labor positions. You will be instructed in safe body mechanics and exercises that are appropriate for the childbearing years and are tailored to your individual needs. After your delivery, we can work with you to develop an exercise program to restore your strength, posture and function.

Continence Control
Our physical therapists use muscle re-education and strengthening techniques, biofeedback and behavioral treatment to help manage urinary incontinence—a condition that becomes more common as we age. We also can modify these techniques for the male population.

Pelvic Pain
Treatment of pelvic pain conditions include manual therapeutic techniques, biofeedback and relaxation, posture and body mechanics instruction and lower back/pelvic supports as needed

Post-surgical Breast Cancer Recovery
Proper care and treatment are essential following a mastectomy, axillary node dissection, sentinel node dissection or breast reconstruction. Our physical therapists will help you develop a home exercise program and teach you the techniques you’ll need for day to day life.

If you suffer from lymphedema, you’ll be part of a nine-step program designed to decrease swelling and manage your condition independently.

For osteoporosis treatment, your therapist will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your posture, strength, range of motion and exercise tolerance. Treatment may include manual soft tissue and exercise techniques to improve posture and mobility. You’ll also learn techniques for day to day living and proper body mechanics, so you can prevent future injuries and further bone loss as well as improve posture and core muscle strength.

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