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At Saint Agnes, our audiologists and hearing specialists are experts at diagnosing and treating hearing and balance-related issues. We provide some of Maryland’s best audiology services to children and adults of all ages.

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Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnostic Auditory Procedures

Our standard procedures for diagnosing auditory disorders include:

  • Complete audiologic evaluations
  • Impedance audiometry, including tympanometry and acoustic reflex measurement to assess middle ear functions
  • Site-of-lesion testing
  • Tests for non-organic hearing loss

Special (advanced) Diagnostic Procedures
Our audiology specialists also offer more advanced procedures, including:

Evoked response audiometry or BSER, ABR, BAER:

  • Neurologic evaluation for children and adults

  • Estimation of hearing threshold in infants and young children.

Electronystagmography or ENG:

  • Evaluation of vestibular or inner ear function in patients with dizziness or imbalance.

Hearing aid fitting and service
Saint Agnes Hospital offers a full range of amplification systems through our hearing air program, including conventional and digital hearing aids.

The initial fitting, programming and follow up are all included in the cost of your hearing aid during the initial warranty period. We also service and repair almost all hearing aid makes and models, even if you purchased your hearing aid somewhere else.

Newborn hearing screening program
The Audiology Department provides hearing screenings for all infants born at Saint Agnes Hospital. There are two types of screenings available.

  • Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) screening
  • Auditory brainstem response (ABR) is a noninvasive hearing screening.

Babies that do not pass the hearing screening at birth will receive an appointment with the audiologist for a follow up visit.

Other auditory services
In addition to hearing aids, we can design custom swim molds, ear molds, anesthesiology ear molds and special hearing protective devices including musician earplugs.

Financial assistance
Financial assistance is available through Hear Now, a non-profit organization that provides free hearing aids to those who qualify. A small, non-refundable application fee, made payable to Hear Now, is required.

A written prescription from your physician is required before treatment. 

More Information

For more on hearing services at Saint Agnes, call 410-368-2800.


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