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Super Dimension

GPS Bronchoscopy Technology That Is Saving Lives

Saint Agnes Hospital is at the forefront in pulmonary care among Maryland hospitals, with the use of new technology for the early diagnosis of lung cancer.

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Leading the Region in Minimally Invasive Bronchoscopy

Saint Agnes Hospital is one of only a few hospitals the area to use the SuperDimension® i•Logic System, also known as Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB). This system enables physicians to reach lesions that previously could only be reached by surgical procedure.  Traditional bronchoscopy has involved access to the lungs through a tube in the nose or mouth, with the location of the nodule mapped out by CT scan and guided by X-ray to the central part of the airway. This meant that the scope had to be guided using a two-dimensional, flat image, which can make the procedure difficult.  The SuperDimension® technology utilizes electromagnetic technology, similar to a GPS system, to pinpoint a nodule’s exact location for biopsy. This is particularly meaningful for lesions that are more difficult to pinpoint because they are smaller or located deeper in the lungs beyond the reach of a typical bronchoscopy.

Early Detection

With the ability to biopsy smaller and previously unrecognized lesions, our physicians can provide a diagnosis earlier. Until now, smaller lesions were simply watched over time until they became large enough to biopsy. The  National Cancer Institute has concluded that earlier detection reduces mortality rates for lung cancer patients, and this is particularly significant as more nonsmokers and younger patients are diagnosed.


Benefits For Our Patients

  • Minimally Invasive - no incision necessary
  • Painless
  • More accurate diagnosis
  • Better chance of early detection

If you have any questions or would like to get more information on SuperDimension bronchoscopy- please call the pulmonary division at Saint Agnes Hospital 410-644-3890.

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