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A New Approach to Recovering from a Stroke

The physical effects of stroke on the body have long been neglected during rehabilitation since there is such a strong emphasis on restoring the neurological functions of patients.

Acupuncture as a healing tool

A New Approach to Recovery
Saint Agnes neurologist Zhaoming Chen, M.D., who has extensive training in acupuncture, is using a revolutionary form of treatment to help stroke patients recover as quickly as possible. Trained in acupuncture both in China and at the Harvard Medical School, Dr. Chen has developed his own style of acupuncture that is used on stroke patients during the rehabilitation stage. Dr. Chen’s acupuncture treatment, which is typically used to reduce pain, has helped stoke patients significantly improve their speech and appearance after as little as one treatment. “For many patients, there is a natural progression of healing,” said Dr. Chen. “By using acupuncture, we expedite the healing process and achieve better results than we might have seen.”


  • Saint Agnes Hospital is the recipient of the Gold Performance Achievement Award for stroke care
  • A two-time winner of the Silver Award in 2009 and the Bronze award in 2008 for stroke care
  • “Best Hospitals” edition of U.S. News & World Report and Stroke and Circulation




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