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Mason’s Weight Loss Story

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Mason Paris discusses his weight loss journey.

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At his peak, Mason Paris weighed 270 pounds. He was being treated for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. His weight made it difficult for Mason to move around and would cause lower back pain. In addition to physical pain, his weight was also a source of embarrassment.

“I used to get tired so fast while walking, and I would try to never walk with other people because I couldn’t keep up” Mason said. An avid lover of the outdoors, Mason’s weight would make being outside nearly impossible.

He knew that something had to be done. Mason’s wife had bariatric surgery at Saint Agnes and was doing so well with her weight loss that he couldn’t keep up with her. That was the last straw. Mason decided to have the gastric bypass procedure and has since lost 110 pounds. Because of his weight loss he no longer needs treatment for his blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes.

His only regret is not having the surgery sooner. “I feel great, I feel phenomenal, I should have done this 10 years ago.”

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