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Chest Pain E.R.

The World’s First Chest Pain Emergency Room

Dr. Raymond Bahr developed the world’s first Chest Pain Emergency Room at Saint Agnes Hospital over 30 years ago. His vision, to provide specialized care for patient with cardiovascular emergencies in a environment specifically designed to handle heart care, has been adopted as the standard for chest pain emergency rooms around the globe.

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The Chest Pain Emergency Department—urgent care for your heart

The Chest Pain Emergency Department at Saint Agnes opened in 1981—the first urgent heart care department of its kind. Since then, our model has been adopted worldwide as the new standard in emergency heart care. The Chest Pain Emergency Program at Saint Agnes Hospital received a full level 3 from the Society of Chest Pain Centers, making Saint Agnes the first hospital in Maryland to achieve this status.

If you’re suffering from a heart attack, every second matters. The longer a heart attack is allowed to continue untreated, the more damage it causes to your heart muscle. At Saint Agnes, our goal is not only to save your life—but to also save your quality of life.

Our heart specialists can rapidly diagnose, treat and even prevent heart attacks, helping you to avoid lasting damage.

For more information about heart care at Saint Agnes, call 410-368-2005.

For more information on the global intiative to develop other Chest Pain Centers and prevent heart attacks please visit the following websites:

The Society for Chest Pain Centers & 
The Official Website for Preventing a Heart Attack, Deputy Heart

Campus Expansion

As part the campus expansion plan currently underway, Saint Agnes Hospital will soon break ground on a brand new Chest Pain Emergency Department renovation and expansion project. This project will increase the capacity of the Chest Pain Emergency Room allowing us to better serve our community.



The Nation's first Chest Pain ER

Saint Agnes Hospital is home to the first Chest Pain Emergency Room in the United States. Dr. Homayoon Moghbeli, Dr. Ashok Chopra, Dr. Anil Fatterpaker, Cardiologists at the Cardiovascular Institute at Saint Agnes Hospital, discuss the creation and benefit of the Chest Pain ER.

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