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Our Team Approach

What some Hospital do better than others is work as a team

The Lung Center team of experts are leaders in the fight against lung cancer.

Our Team of Experts

The Lung cancer team at Saint Agnes Hospital uses a multidisciplinary approach to attack cancer from every angle. Radiologists, Oncologists, Surgeons, Pulmonary Specialists, Nurses and others develop an individual treatment plan for every patient to insure that they receive the best care possible.

  • Dr. Carole Miller
    Director of the Cancer Institute
  • Dr. Enser Cole
    Chief of Medical Oncology
  • Dr. Gavin Henry
    Chief of Thoracic Surgery
  • Dr. Kala Davis-McDonald
    Chief of Pulmonary Medicine
  • Dr. Richard Hudes
    Chief of Radiation Oncology

Additional Resources

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For more information on treatment options or any information regarding lung cancer services at Saint Agnes Hospital please contact us at 410-368-2910.

To find a physician please call 1-866-690-9355.

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