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What YOU Can Do to Tackle Our Nation’s Leading Killer of Women

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Why do women need to be aware of the threat of heart disease and get “heart smart” at an early age? Because only a minority of women view heart disease as a threat and an overwhelming number of women – of all ages - are leading lives with big risk factor behaviors. When stroke, heart failure and high blood pressure is included with coronary heart disease… these diseases kill one woman every minute in the U.S. The good thing about knowing the symptoms and your own risk factors? You can then do something – often, only making some lifestyle changes – that will add years to your life and give you a quality life. And, that may mean, you’re able to walk or ride bikes with your children. It may mean that you’re able to get up the stairs without huffing and puffing. It may mean that all of the people who love you get to enjoy you for a long time. Dr. Winakur and Debbie Phelps encourage women as young as twenty – and, younger, if symptoms are present – to get heart smart. One way to do that is by scheduling your 60-Minute Heart Check. And, after you schedule your appointment? Get all the women you love to do the same thing. Spread the word of good heart health.

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