Saint Agnes Hospital

Strong Foundation, Brilliant Future.

About Nursing at Saint Agnes

Nursing at Saint Agnes Hospital has along and rich tradition. Founded 150 years ago, Saint Agnes has long been a testament to excellence in nursing and an example of quality care.

What We Believe

It is our belief that each nurse has the responsibility to deliver high quality, competent, effective, and collaborative care based on established nursing standards. We recognize the responsibility, authority, and accountability of the professional nurse for the clinical management of nursing practice. Each member of our nursing staff possesses a value system incorporating the highest level of ethics, judgment, confidentiality, and respect for human rights, human dignity, and diversity.

We believe in creating a climate that supports and nurtures clinical expertise, education, shared governance, and research, fostering the recruitment and retention of nursing staff who demonstrate the highest integrity, competency, and qualifications. Clinical expertise reflects competent, evidence-based and outcomes-oriented care. It embraces the patient’s values and lifestyle and acknowledges the importance of patient autonomy and patient satisfaction.

From our patients and their families,

“I was impressed by the courtesy and professionalism of the nurses that cared for my mother. It’s wonderful to have someone who takes pride in her job and enjoys caring for her patients.”


Our Divisions

The Department of Nursing has several divisions that provide excellent care to our patients and their families:

  • Ambulatory Care Services

  • Critical Care Services

  • Emergency Services

  • Medical/ Surgical Nursing Services

  • Perioperative Services

  • Women’s & Children’s Services