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From Our Recent Residents

Read some testimonials from the Saint Agnes staff and residents about the Saint Agnes Residency Program.

What They're Saying

"The dedication and support of our teaching faculty is what I believe to be our greatest strength. This is backed up by outstanding leadership, responsiveness to feedback and striving for continuous improvement. The energetic and motivating environment has helped me grow on both a professional and a personal level over my internship year. Training here has provided me with a strong clinical foundation, a wealth of medical knowledge and a strong emphasis on patient safety and physician-patient communication. Saint Agnes feels like a home away from home. I am blessed to be part of our Saint Agnes family."
- Inas Abuali, MD
Class of 2015

"The program prepared me well, leading to a smooth transition from residency to job as an academic hospitalist. Not only skills pertaining to patient management, but skills regarding patient safety and quality initiatives have earned me a special place among my peers.Saint Agnes' training experience has proven to be a pivotal role in my current professional niche."
- Nirav Patel, MD
Class of 2013

“I miss Saint Agnes already! A blend of diverse patient population, excellent teaching faculty, leadership, Critical care/Cardiology training, one of the best EMRs and above all a great place to work. It is a closely knit program and was like my home and family away from home. I enjoyed every moment of my training here and felt well prepared to face any challenge in upcoming jobs.”
- Ali Qamar, M.D.
Class of 2013


"Outpatient clinic was by far the best place in our hospital. It was a superb opportunity for me to build my own practice, filled with a diverse group of patients. The clinic enabled me to provide adequate time for preventive medicine and counseling, rather than concentrating only on the patient's current symptoms. I learned how to be an active listener and how to provide longitudinal care for a needy population. Besides, I learned more about my patients through their stories, tears and jokes, then through the medical records."
- Mihail F. Zilbermint, MD
Class of 2012, Joined Endocrinology Fellowship at NIH


What They're Saying

"My intern year has been a wonderful learning experience. The camaraderie among residents, including between junior and senior residents, is exceptional and I think this is what makes St Agnes particularly special."
- Roomasa Channa
Preliminary Intern 2011-2012, now Opthalmology Resident at Johns Hopkins Hospital

"Saint Agnes has a big hospital feel with small hospital camaraderie. The attendings are so supportive and always willing to help. St. Agnes was my home while at work. I really miss it already."
- Paul Sychangco, MD
Class of 2011, Completed Geriatrics Fellowship at New York Hospital

"If I had to choose a residency program again, I would definitely choose this one without a second thought. In addition to being trained as a competent physician, we are also trained to be compassionate and caring. I grew up from being a shy intern to a confident resident ready to go on out my own. My journey at Saint Agnes has been full of laughter and happiness. The working relationship among residents and the medical staff is friendly, and the environment here is so vibrant. I can foresee a bright future for upcoming residents at Saint Agnes, especially with all new changes in the campus and the commitment of our excellent leadership headed by our program director. I am proud to be a part of St Agnes."
- Vandana Palagiri, MD
Class of 2011