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Important Information About the Residency Program

Please review the following FAQs concerning the requirements and interview process for the program. If none of these FAQs answers your question, please contact our Internal Medicine Program Administrator/Residency Coordinator via email - or via phone at 410-368-8858 option #3.

Residency Program FAQs

How do I apply to your residency program?
All applications for the 2015-2016 intern class are accepted only through Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®).Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications as close to September 15 as possible for maximum consideration. Application review process starts on September 15 and interviews are offered on a rolling basis until all slots are filled.

What is our preference for couples match?
We are very interested in recruiting qualified couples and support and understand the need to be together. Please let us know by email that you are in the couples match.

What is your ACGME accreditation status?
We are a fully accredited program and comply with all the ACGME requirements for curriculum and duty hours.

What do your residents do after completing residency training?
In the past six years, we have graduated 72 residents in our categorical tracks. 56% of these residents on H1 visa, 4% on J1 visa and 40% with US citizenship or permanent residence. Of these residents, over a third successfully matched to fellowships of their choice at this time, while the vast majority go on to hospitalist positions. Residents on H1 visa do find it challenging to get into fellowships immediately upon graduation as only a handful of fellowship programs in the entire country sponsor fellowship openings for applicants on H1 visa in any specialty. However, many residents on H1 visa do successfully obtain a green card through their employer and continue on their plans to fellowship, so, the number of successful fellowship matches rises over time.

How successful are your residents at securing fellowship positions?
Our residents have been VERY successful in their pursuit of subspecialty training, securing positions at some of the best fellowship programs in the country. Here are the fellowship matches for the last 6 graduating classes.
Cardiology (3): Georgia Health Sciences U (1) Kettering-Ohio (1) University of New Mexico (1)
Pulmonary-Critical Care (6): Penn Hershey (1) Cook County (1) University of Arkansas (2) Carillion Clinic (1) University of Texas (1)
Endocrinology (2): NIH (1) University of Florida (1)
Gastroenterology (1): Cleveland Clinic-Ohio (1)
Rheumatology (1): University of Virginia (1)
Infectious Diseases (1): Carillion Clinic VA (1)
Nephrology (2):  University of Pittsburgh (1), SUNY Upstate (1)
Geriatrics (3):  University of Maryland (1)
Academic Internal Medicine (1): Hopkins Bayview (1) 
Medical Informatics (2): Univ. of Indiana (2)
Transfusion Medicine:  (1) Baylor-Houston

What is your board pass rate?
Our 3 year pass rate is 84 %. While this is not what we would like it to be, we have greatly modified our curriculum to incorporate more board style questions and an audience response system, which engages everyone actively in learning during conferences.  Check out the ABIM pass rates at the American Board of Internal Medicine for all programs at

What is the diversity of your residents and where did they go for medical school?
We are very proud of our diversity and thrive in a culturally rich environment with residents from all over the world. In particular, our annual International Day is a much anticipated event. Please see resident life and updates for more information.

Do you have a night float system?
Yes, we have a night float system for all ward months with long call until 8 pm giving residents up to 2 hours after to complete their work and go home.

How many preliminary and categorical positions do you have?
12 for categorical
4 for preliminary

What is the cut off scores for USMILE?
Our program cut off score is 220 (90%) for Step 1 & 2, however, we still look at the overall application of each applicant. If you believe you are a strong candidate, please apply to our residency program.

Does the applicant need to have cleared USMILE Exam Step 2 CS at the time of the application?
Our program prefers to have USMLE Step 2 CS taken at the time of the application. However, for International Medical Graduates, they must have taken it already at the time of the application. 

What type of visas does your program sponsor?
J1 and H1-B 

Do you require U.S. clinical experience?
While U.S. clinical experience is not necessary to be considered for a position in the Internal Medicine residency training program, it is given some consideration when selecting candidates for interviews. Therefore, we do not require U.S. clinical experience, however, it is preferred. If an applicant has had significant U.S. clinical experience, that can be an asset.

Does your program or institution offer externship or observerships?
Our program currently does not offer externship but we do offer a 1 month observership program.

To learn more about the requirements for observership, please click on this link and select Observership policy in PDF format.



Interview FAQs

NOTE:  If you meet all our program criteria and are qualified for an interview you will be contacted via e-mail for an invitation to be interviewed. However, due to the overwhelming applicants applying each season, it is impossible to provide all qualified candidates an opportunity to be interviewed. For those who are invited for an interview, below are some frequently asked questions.

What time does interview session start and end?
Our interview session starts at 7:30AM with breakfast and lunch provided. The interview session will end at approximately 1:30 – 2:00PM. There will be no formal conclusion to the interview session.

Who do we first meet at the interview day?
You will first meet and greet the Program Administrator/Residency Coordinator at the Emile Mohler, Jr. Conference Room on the 6th floor, North Tower building of Saint Agnes Hospital Center. The Residency Coordinator will then provide your name badge, a packet containing valuable information about the Internal Medicine Residency Program and the schedule for the day.

Where is the Department of Medicine?
Upon entrance at the hospital, please ask the Information Desk to be directed to the “Central Elevator”. Please take the elevator to the 6th Floor and there you will find the conference room. It is the only conference room on the floor.

Is there a public transportation to Saint Agnes Hospital Center?
There are several modes of public transportation you can take to get to Saint Agnes Hospital Center. Saint Agnes Hospital is serviced by the Nos. 16 & 35 buses. To learn more information please click on the link here.

What is the closest airport to Saint Agnes Hospital Center?
The closest and most convenient airport is Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI). It is approximately 9 miles away from the hospital. Dulles International Airport (IAD) would be the next closest international airport and it is approximately 58 miles which would take you about 45 minutes to 1 hour of commute depending on traffic. The third option is Reagan National Airport (DCA) which is approximately 40 miles away.

What is our hospital address?
Saint Agnes Hospital Center, Department of Medicine.
900 Caton Avenue 
Baltimore, MD 21229 

What is our policy for rescheduling an interview appointment?
We will try our best to accommodate your schedule request as much as possible. In an event that you need to reschedule, we will do our best to reschedule your interview but we cannot make any guarantees. Please inform the Program Coordinator if you need to reschedule your interview. We would appreciate it if you inform us in advance if you need to reschedule so that other applicants can have a chance to fill the available spot.