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Leadership in Nursing

Do you have the skill and the drive to be a leader? Many have found their calling at Saint Agnes Hospital.

Leadership in Nursing

Being an integral part of our nursing leadership gives you the extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in both the care that we offer and in the professional careers of many dedicated nurses. Our nursing administration is well-known for promoting a supportive environment. This support gives our team the true feeling of family that is so critical to today’s nurses.

Nursing Hotline

For the most up to date career information please call our Nursing Careers Hotline at 410-368-8845.

All New Graduate RN Program

 Our program lasts for three to six months and is geared toward providing well rounded orientation to Saint Agnes Hospital. To be considered for this program, you must apply for one of our RN I positions.

Nurse Interns

As a graduate intern, you will have the opportunity to learn from both classroom instruction and from direct patient care through the support of an experienced nurse preceptor, as well as an educator.

Through these combined teaching forms, you will gain vital skills and experience, ensuring your success in areas such as:


Nursing Students

If you're still in nursing school and have current CNA and CPR certifications, consider working with us part-time. You'll learn from our experienced staff as you gain exposure to new clinical practices.

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