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Careers in Allied Health

From diagnostic services and pharmacology to therapeutic and rehabilitative care, the Allied Health services teams at Saint Agnes actively participate in providing top-notch patient care. With our state-of-the-art programs in cardiac and vascular care, our Independence Square rehabilitative facility and other services, Saint Agnes provides the Allied Health professional with an opportunity to work in an environment where compassionate care, innovation, and improvement are deeply valued.

Allied Health Departments

Laboratory Services
Visit our modern and spacious laboratories, and meet our talented team of laboratory professionals dedicated to Amazing Service.

Demonstrate your education, experience, and analytical skills working at Saint Agnes Hospital. Enhance essential problem-solving skills and explore career paths for various entry-level and professional positions. Mentor students as they perform their clinical rotations.

  • Core laboratory—Maintain your skills in chemistry and hematology using new instrumentation and rotating into the many workstations. Keep skills sharp serving one of the busiest emergency departments in Maryland, as well as our growing Cancer Center.
  • Blood bank—Antibody identification and problem-solving skills are essential in our transfusion department.
  • Microbiology—Working in a challenging environment using a variety of technologies in microbe identification.
  • Support services—Our large phlebotomy team performs blood draws in the emergency room and for the inpatient. The lab assistants are critical to our high performing laboratory in their performance of preanalytical tasks in both clinical and anatomical pathology.
  • Anatomical pathology—Our cytologists maintain contact with our patients when attending to fine needle aspirates. We have enhanced our diagnostic capabilities with many new technologies, including molecular diagnostics.
  • Point of care—Interact with the nurses and physicians in care of the patient through bedside testing.
  • Quality and data—Our project specialists implement multiple complex initiatives to support the provision of services. Interdisciplinary projects provide exposure to diverse disciplines within the hospital and provide support to sustain quality systems and performance improvement initiatives required by accrediting agencies.

Pharmacy services at Saint Agnes provides 24/7 patient care and health care provider support. We work with clinical and hospital leadership to identify, develop, implement, and improve programs that encourage and support collaborative pharmaceutical care at Saint Agnes. State-of-the-art computer support, including an array of online drug information and medication management resources, an electronic medical record system, bedside medication verification, and Web-based education and training provide Saint Agnes pharmacists with the tools they need to play a key role in providing amazing patient care.

Pharmacists’ responsibilities extend across the continuum of care, from processing a medication order to clinical monitoring and drug management. Pharmacy care is personalized to meet the needs of the individual patient, and all services are delivered with respect to life, dignity, and the rights of all people.

Rehabilitation Services
Our rehabilitation services team offers multiple arenas for dedicated professionals to deliver acute inpatient and outpatient care.
Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, audiology and pain management are primary areas of focus for us.

From the human touch to the height of technology, you’ll find a friendly and professional work environment that nurtures your career with diverse opportunities for growth.
As a part of our team, you’ll also appreciate the healing environment of our very own Independence Square. This state-of-the-art facility simulates real-life, everyday conditions in order to prepare our stroke, orthopedic and med/surg patients for the transition to regular activities.

Respiratory Care/Pulmonary Services
With new leadership and new direction, our respiratory care/pulmonary department is growing at a tremendous rate. That is opening up many exciting new career opportunities with plans for the future, including a clinical ladder, ACLS certification for all practitioners and core unit groups. 

Our respiratory care practitioners already enjoy outstanding variety and input as they:

  • Attend interdisciplinary rounds on all units, and serve as an intricate part of physicians’ rounds in the intensive care units
  • Perform complex procedures, including pressure control, IRV and non-invasive ventilation
  • Participate on the cardiac arrest and medical emergency teams, and respond to stat calls
  • Partner with our robust pulmonary function lab to assist with bronchoscopy procedures in the OR, CCU and ER; and our satellite ABG lab in performing cardio-pulmonary exercise testing
  • Work with our certified Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center
  • Provide clinical instruction for students, staff, nurses, unit personnel and patients

To support our RCPs in providing an outstanding level of care, all of the leaders of this department are registered respiratory care practitioners. In addition, the medical director, a pulmonologist is very involved with the development and direction of the department. 

Our department also has equipment technicians who set up and calibrate all equipment. All documentation is computerized.


Meet an Associate

Rosie M. Young
Medical Technologist/Point of Care (Laboratory)
37 years of Saint Agnes Service

Q: What do you like the most about being a medical technologist?
A: I have been here a long time, and I have made a lot of very special friends
over the years. I love that what we are doing has a direct impact on the patients
and the care that they receive.

Q: What are you most proud of in your work?
A: Almost any procedure and any treatment has some blood work involved, and the
results of the lab work need to be accurate and timely. I take that very seriously and it means a lot to me. We take enormous pride in the work that we do in the labs here.

Q: What do you look forward to in 2011?
A: We will be working in the new tower, so that is exciting and I am looking forward
to that. Personally, I hope that I continue to be blessed with good health.

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