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What if Nurses and Physicians designed a Hospital?

“We can look down from this hill and see all of Baltimore, who we have served for so many years – and they can look up at our expansion and our growth, and see that a new day is coming for Saint Agnes and our community.”

- Adrian Long, M.D., Executive Vice Pres. & Chief Medical Officer

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A Commitment to Our Community

At Saint Agnes Hospital we are growing. We are currently undergoing a Campus Expansion project that will create an atmosphere that balances comfort and convenience with the latest medical technology and safety. The center piece of our expansion project is the new, 120 all private room patient tower.

As with every aspect of the campus expansion plan, the patient tower was conceptualized and designed with extensive input from physicians, nurses, and administrative employees throughout the hospital. This was done to ensure that the expansion meets the needs of the Saint Agnes team, which will result in better service for our patients. Throughout construction this multidisciplinary team has monitored the progress of the tower to insure that the tower will meet the original goals of efficiency and patient safety.

Every room in the new patient tower is private. Having one patient per room is not only conducive to a more comfortable patient and family or care giver experience but it is also safer. It will reduce the risk of infection and allow patients to rest in a quiet and controlled environment.

The floor plan is also patient focused. Each floor features three nursing stations spread out through the center of the building with patient rooms surrounding. This insures that nurses are never more than a few steps from the patients that they are caring for. All necessary medical supplies are stored centrally as well allowing quick and easy access.

A testament to efficiency

To design the new Patient Tower, doctors nurses and support staff utilized what is known as the “lean” process. Originally used by Toyota to make their manufacturing process more efficient, the process employs methods and techniques to insure that the end product is as efficient and user friendly as possible. The staff at Saint Agnes utilized this philosophy by starting at the patient bed and building the tower out from there.

A Campus Wide Initiative

The campus expansion project as a whole will include many updates and renovations to other campus facilities as well. They are as follows:


  • Emergency Department renovation to improve patient flow and design
  • Renovation of our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) incorporate all private pods
  • Renovation of outpatient entrance area

Coming Soon

  • Expanded Cancer Institute which will increase capacity by 40%
  • New medical office building which will provide convenient, state-of-the art facilities for our medical staff
  • Renovated and expanded Chest Pain Emergency Room
  • Operating suites

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