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Contact Us: (410) 368-6000

We appreciate any feedback, comments and questions that you may have. If you need to speak with a specific department or patient room, please call our main number at 410-368-6000.

Additional Resources

Saint Agnes Hospital

900 Caton Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21229

Phone: 410-368-6000
Hospital TTY: 410-368-2001

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Human Resources

900 S. Caton Avenue, Mailstop 025
Baltimore, Maryland 21229

Phone: 800-875-8750
General: 410-368-2389
Job Hotline: 410-368-8845
Fax-General: 410-644-2791
Employment Verifications:
The Work Number at 1-800-367-5690 or
Employer code is 14257
If not found on The Work Number:
Fax to 410-644-2679 with signed release authorization

The Saint Agnes Hospital Foundation

900 S. Caton Avenue, Mailstop 123
Baltimore, Maryland 21229

Phone: 410-368-3155
Fax: 410-368-3533
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Walgreens Pharmacy

24-hour prescription refill service

Phone: 410-951-4050

Seton Imaging

900 S. Caton Avenue, Mailstop 237
Baltimore, Maryland 21229

Phone: 410-368-8675
Visit Seton Imaging Online

Billing Inquiries

For questions about paying your bill, please call 410-368-2175.

Volunteering Office

For volunteer opportunities please call 410-368-2817.

Career Opportunities

For employment inquiries please visit our careers page.

Patient Experience

If you wish to contact us regarding a patient experience or health issue please call 410-368-2147.

Medical Records

To request a copy of your medical records you must fax a request form to 410-368-2934. You can download the form by clicking here. If you have any questions regarding your medical records please call 410-368-3175.

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