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January 20, 2015

Mother and Daughter Team Up to Fulfill their Weight Loss Dreams

Since she was a child, Lauren Jagodzinski- Tshiams dreamed of being a runner. But one factor consistently kept her from achieving that dream: her weight.…


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December 11, 2014

Nicole Pugliese Shares Her Story of Survival

Local school nurse Nicole Pugliese was driving when, out of nowhere, she started to feel a slight burning sensation in her chest. Convincing herself that…


Featured Article:

December 11, 2014

Leading the Way in Robotic Knee Replacement

Saint Agnes is one of the first hospitals in the region to perform total knee replacement surgery using robotic technology. Exciting new treatment opportunities are…


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September 29, 2014

AccuBoost Provides State-of-the-Art Treatment for Breast Cancer

Brenda Afzal knew the statistics. In her career as a nurse and environmental health educator and advocate, she had spoken to women countless times about…

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