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360: Your Health from Every Angle

360 is a free magazine from Saint Agnes Hospital. Each issue provides news and stories that offer insight into what is going on at the hospital and in healthcare. Our issues cover medical procedures and techniques, patient stories, construction updates and more.

  • 360 Winter 2015

    In this issue, a mother and daughter take on bariatric surgery together – and lose over 230 pounds in the process.

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  • 360 Fall 2014

    In this issue, our Heart Failure Center helps a man with a heart operating at 25% capacity, a woman benefits from the fast action of our Stroke Team, our Diabetes Center helps patients take control of their disease and much more.

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  • 360 Spring 2014

    Featuring Debbie Phelps and her experience with the Women’s Heart Center among other topics.

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  • 360 Winter 2014

    In this issue patients share their inspirational stories concerning bariatric surgery, minimally invasive hysterectomy, 5 minute carpal tunnel surgery and much more.

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  • 360 Fall 2013

    In this issue patients share their stories concerning high risk pregnancy, joint replacement surgery, surviving a heart attack and reconstructive surgery after weight loss.

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  • 360 Spring 2013

    In this issue patients share their stories dealing with emergency cardiac care, anterior hip replacement, weight-loss surgery, a mommy makeover and more.

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  • 360 Winter 2013

    In this issue patients share their inspiring stories regarding weight loss, spine surgery and much more!

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  • 360 Fall 2012

    The Inaugural issue of 360 magazine! This issue is filled with inspiring patient stories from many of our specialties.

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