Strong Foundation, Brilliant Future.

Our Leadership

Executive Team

  • Patrick Mutch

    Interim President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Adrian Long

    Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer

  • Scott Furniss

    Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

  • Yolanda Copeland

    Senior Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer

  • James Bobbitt

    Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Anne Buening

    Vice President, Mission Integration

  • William Greskovich

    Vice President, Diagnostic Services & Support

  • Malinda Small

    President, Foundation

Board of Directors

  • Paul Chew

    Board Chair

  • Sister Patricia Anne Bossle, DC

    Board Director

  • Norman C. Frost

    Board Director

  • Bruce R. Grindrod, Jr.

    Board Director

  • Sister Ellen Marie Hagar, DC

    Board Director

  • Margaret Hayes

    Board Director

  • Carlos S. Ince, Jr., M.D.

    Secretary/Treasurer of the Board

  • Mohannad F. Jishi

    Board Director

  • A. Gregory Kelly, Jr.

    Board Director

  • Irene D. Knott

    Board Director

  • M. Sue Lovell

    Board Director

  • Carole B. Miller, M.D.

    Board Director

  • James B. Sellinger

    Board Director

  • John B. Stansbury

    Board Director

  • Sister Mary Lou Stubbs

    Board Director

  • Jeff Sube

    Board Director

  • Sam V. Sydney, MD

    Board Director

  • John E. Wheeler, Jr.

    Vice Chair